I did not post yesterday or the day before, but we were busy with celebrating my husband’s fabulous 50th birthday.  He was born early on Jan 3, 1962.  I say early because I think his mom mentioned that once.  It seems like his nature, he is always ready for everything, well prepared, sleeves rolled up, calmly and quietly waiting for instructions on how best to help you.   (I do have to mention, however, that he was DUE on Christmas day, making him over a week late for his actual birth. But since then, he’s been on time.)

Our celebration details are not as important, we went out to eat, as a family and later as a date.   I revealed the video of birthday greetings I had been secretly compiling for him.  He is not a “big party” guy and hates attention.  The party on video was perfectly Greg.

What is important to me, what I want you to know is that Greg is such a rare example to me of selfless service.  He loves to serve.  He does it in our home continually.  He gives with his hands and his heart, and that has made him the most endearing man on the planet to me.

He has a beautiful analytical mind–getting to the root of the issue as I am flying off the handle or rocker or whatever.  He sees thing with clear logic and a practicality that I can only mimic in my clearer moments.  He often throws out two of my steps to doing anything by finding a better way.

He loves culture, Frank LLoyd Wright architecture, classic cartoons and comics, art films, museums, fine dining, world travel, and, more often than I, a dark joke.  I love going places with him, I love seeing him enjoying the things he loves.

Which also gets me to the food–he is a foodie and loves to cook.  He does it well, it comes out of that vat of servanthood.  It gives him pleasure to prepare food for others to enjoy.  But I don’t love him for the food, although, it did help him get his foot in the door.

Another great thing to flow out of that servant hood pot is his love for our girls.  He has a bottomless pit of love and patience for them.  He can not take his eyes or mind off them.  Being a dad is one of the deepest things he enjoys.

What I love about Greg, is that he does not quit.  When I ask myself, “why am I in school?” the answer is “For Greg”.  When I want to quit, when I want to stop studying and watch a movie, I think of him, alone in a dark parking lot, far from the family he loves.  He  sleeps alone in a semi-truck so that we can stay in our lovely house without him.  Its the perfect example of his servant hood heart.  His selflessness drives me to work for a degree that will grant me entrance into a career that can support us.  So he can stop driving. So he can be the great servant he is WITH us.

So why am I in school?  His name is Greg Cook.