Today I started out the new year with a long walk–a deliciously long walk under the grey sky with the wind blowing and sprinkley drizzle and the wind chilling my face.  It was very other-worldly and reminded me of when I walked home from school as a kid.  I walked almost 2 miles to my mom’s house and had a nice cup of tea with her while she sorted magazine articles in bed.  Then I walked the other way home past the golf course.  It was wonderful as a an outdoor walk is such a rare treat.  I can only have them when  Greg is home (leaving your kids alone to go for a walk is not a great idea).

The beauty of the walk was that after singing praise songs on the way TO Mom’s and praying part of the way FROM Mom’s, at the very last half mile I had absolutely nothing on my mind.  I just kept thinking–I want to be with you, Lord.  I want to be with you.

Life seems so simple on a walk–it seems like there is no greater task than to put one foot in front of the other and breathe.  It empties me of all expectations and to do lists and the struggle to decide what is most important to do.  It’s just —- walking.


That’s all this year will be–a walk, day by day, minute by minute.  I hope to make each step count in my year—to take time for the things and people that mean the most to me.  Then when I sit and blog next year I will have the same delicious feeling I had today—peace.